What Is a Reverse 411?

What Is a Reverse 411?

A reverse 411 is type a search that you do using the Internet to find out who it is that just called you.  By typing the phone number into a specialised search engine you can gather all kinds of information about the owner, which is collected from a wide variety of public documents.  As a result, you can find out things about the person's background, who they are, where they had lived, any known aliases, whether they have a criminal record and much more besides.

This is a very useful type of service particularly if you have had a threatening or hoax phone call and need to get to the bottom of it.  Often you may find after doing a reverse 411 that there is nothing to are about as it's just a friend, acquaintance or neighbourhood kid who's playing a prank when you.  So these type of reverse phonebook searches can really help to give you peace of mind.

Sometimes when you do a reverse 411, the results you get may show you that there is something to worry about.  In this case, you should always contact the police.

There are lots of different sites available out there, and some are better than others.  

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